BCOHC Youth Camp Scholarship Program

APPROVED (May 8, 2018)

This Program will have one (1) Butler County Member appointed by the President as the Scholarship Committee Chairperson. The Chairperson will ask for volunteers from the membership to assist him/her with fund-raising and application review.

Program Goal: To engage and increase Butler County OHC Youth (ages 7 to 17) member’s opportunities, programming and membership.  To allow a Youth OHC Member to attend the OHC sponsored OHCYP Summer Camp.

Funding: The first year of this scholarship shall be funded with the general fund.  It will be the responsibility of the Scholarship Committee to conduct fundraisers throughout the year to pay for any subsequent scholarships.  In the event that no scholarships are given or the committee cannot fund itself then the program will become defunct.  At that time, any funds remaining in the Scholarship Program account line will be absorbed into the General Fund Account.

Amount: In the first year of the Scholarship Program, BCOHC will pay for one (1) deserving OHC youth member’s registration fees, from the General Fund.  As the funds become available, the amount and number of OHC Youth awarded will be evaluated each year by the Committee and presented to the membership for further discussion and vote.  The funds to pay for further registration fees will come from the Scholarship Fund account line.

Scholarship decision: A committee comprised of Chairperson and their committee members will review the scholarship submissions.  If only one (1) application is received, then by default that youth’s fees will be paid.    The reviewing committee shall not have any member who is related to any applicant. The committee is authorized to award the money in any combination of full and partial scholarships.

At this time, you can find all camp info and registrations on the OHC State Web page at ohconline.com under the “File Cabinet” in the Youth tab.

Applicant information:
1.  Open to any Primary or Secondary youth member (Ages 7-17) of the Butler County chapter. 
2.  Youth shall write a one page essay on any topic related to horses. 
3.  Must complete the BCOHC Scholarship Program application.
4.  Application due:  July 1, 2018
5.  Applicant will be asked why they are interested in attending the OHC youth camp, and give detail reasons.
 6.  Parents will be responsible for any other costs.  IE. food, travel expense.

Here is the url of the form link if you prefer to complete your application this way:  


Butler County OHC        /uploads/127009/Main Items/OHC Logo (2014).jpg

Complete and send in your membership form (found on Home page) today.  We would love to have you!